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METAL EAD conforms to the requirements of its customers and partners offering high quality products and services

We consider our customers and suppliers as partners.
We believe the success of the company is built up on our partners’ success.
We offer high quality service in terms of promptness, reliability and professional attitude.
We do not compete with our competitors for market share. We are competing with ourselves to become better and better.
We aim for high qualification and experience of each single employee of our company.

Metal EAD has been certified for Quality Management System in accordance with the standards:
ISO 9001:2015-Quality management systems
ISO EN 14001:2015-Environmental management systems
ISO 45001:2018-Occupational health and safety management systems

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Quality and environment objectives


1.To provide and maintain a constant level of quality of the manufactured products;

2.To enhance our competitiveness through product and technology renewal, keeping quality and price balance, and constantly reducing waste and material and energy consumption;

3.To develop, produce and offer products that have the least possible negative impact on the environment and human health by striving to use resources efficiently and using state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to create safe workplaces;

4.To prevent non-compliances with priority over their removal;

5.Motivation of staff, formation of company culture, training and qualification, improvement of the conditions for safe work;

6.To provide the necessary training and qualification for all employees, including with regard to compliance with the requirements for ensuring the safety of the labor process and environmental protection;

7.To identify the goals and objectives related to the protection of the environment and health and safety at the workplace already in the process of making business decisions and to provide the necessary financial resources for their implementation.

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