Panasonic TAWERS TM1600WGH3 welding robot

The TAWERS system is a built-in inverter, pulse, welding power source suitable for MIG / MAG and TIG welding. The system is unique in its speed of communication, which allows extremely complex operations in real time.


  • Precision welding methods MAG/MIG, SP-MAG,Pulsed MAG/MIG, Hyper DIP-Pulsed MAG, DC TIG
  • Advanced arc ignition with “Lift Start Function”
  • Achieving constant body geometry when completing the weld, through “Lift End Function”
  • Achieving a permanent output of bodies
  • Welding data management
  • Panasonic all-in-one technology

This development allows the use of the SP-MAG method, without spray separation, as the technology controls the frequency and accuracy of drip transfer.

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