METAL EAD conforms to the requirements of its customers and partners offering high quality products and services.

  • > We consider our customers and suppliers as partners.
  • > We believe the success of the company is build up on our partners’ success.
  • > We offer high quality service in terms of promptness, reliability and professional attitude.
  • > We do not compete with our competitors for market share. We are competing with ourselves to become better and better.
  • > We aim for high qualification and experience of each single employee of our company.

The company has developed a Commercial Department and a Technical Department.
For many years the company together with SKF has been working on projects for increasing the reliability of rotating equipment.
METAL EAD is developing itself as a company, which provides to its clients products and services related with the maintenance of rotating equipment as well as preventive and predictive programs for it.
In March 2004 METAL EAD was certified for total quality management system, according to ISO 9001:2000 EN and ISO 14001:2004.The quality management system was recertified in 2011 in accordance with the new requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

Phare Programme Contract BG2005/017-353.10.04/ESC/G/GSC-2-054 - Introducing a painting system  - electrostatic wet painting line and ISO 14001

Fund „Working conditons” of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy  Contract № 35/21.05.2008 - Creating modern working conditions for the employees through renovation of the existing building, construction of locker rooms, restrooms, a catering hall. Improving the working conditions in the rubber products workshop.

BG 161PO003-2.3.02 “Energy efficiency and green economy” - Improving the energy efficiency of Metal EAD  through thermal insulation of the industrial premises and supply of  modern highly efficient equipment