Steel racks During the last years Metal EAD successfully develops designing and manufacturing of steel racks:
- Specialized racks for the automotive industry, for different international companies like TOYOTA, SCANIA, VOLKSWAGEN, VOLVO, OPEL, RENAULT, etc.
- Racks for general purpose.
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Rubber articles We produce articles from synthetic rubber with different shapes and rigidness from 75 to 90 by Shore. Read more
Wheels The company manufactures wheels or industrial wheelbarrows and light machinery. Read more
Others articles Metal EAD produces also:
- Non-standard steel chains with high loading capacity for the cement and chemical industry;
- Turbine wheels and steel fans for different applications;
- Different types of dredger and shovel excavator buckets;
- Heat exchangers according to customer requirements;
- Machines for metal sheet cutting;
- Metal containers for different purposes and volume.
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Services - Technical activities and consultations;
- Training customer operational staff;
- Bearings mounting and dismounting;
- Vibration analysis;
- Alignment;
- Balancing of rotating details and units;
- Electric motors repair;
- Thermography;
- Maintenance/After-sales service.
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Metal develops successfully activities in the field of  metalworking, more specifically production of:

  • - metal constructions and non standard equipment;
  • - air conditioning systems;
  • - aluminium parts;


Technical consultations concerning;Customer staff training;Bearings mounting and dismounting; Vibration analysis;Alignment; Field balancing; Balancing of balance machine; Electric motors repair; Thermography; Permanent service maintenance contracts


High level standards

In March 2004 METAL EAD was certified for total quality management system, according to ISO 9001:2000 EN and ISO 14001:2004.



Phare Programme Contract BG2005/017-353.10.04/ESC/G/GSC-2-054 - Introducing a painting system  - electrostatic wet painting line and ISO 14001

Fund „Working conditons” of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy  Contra


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